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Individual Supported Employment Program 

Seabird offers assistance to individuals who have chosen to seek independent competitive employment in the community.  Seabird coaches each individual in skills needed to obtain a job such as resume development, job application, job preparedness, interviewing skills, career assessment, job placement, transportation skills and community resources for transportation.

Seabird staff specializes in job accommodations, identifying supports needed and creating an action plan utilizing natural supports when possible.

After the initial placement, on-the-job training and counseling is provided to continue successful employment and follow along.             

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Community services such as CT Job Service, the Social Security Administration, the internet and local newspapers are all utilized as training tools for individuals entering individualized employment.


 Seabird provides person-centered career planning including the development of a customized career plan to assist the job seeker which includes interests, skills, experiences and dreams.  A list of potential team members is developed who can participate in the job seeking process.  Seabird can also provide a working interview to determine if the job is a match for the participant and the employer.  This provides 40 hours over a two-week period for the participant to demonstrate their work skills in a real work environment.  Follow-along supports are provided once a job is established.


For more information about the ISE program, please contact Program Director John Lavoie at or call (860) 857-2685. 

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