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All donations go to support the programs, individuals involved, and maintaining our business endeavors to help support the mission we stand by. 


Building a Brighter Future for All

Coco's Fundraiser

We would like to tell you about Coco, our friend, our horse. Coco spent much of her life as a show horse. She gave so many people the thrill of watching her perform. All things eventually end and so she came to live with us here on Riverview Farm. We provide sanctuary, care and comfort to Coco, and to other horses like her. We also do so much more. We are a nonprofit organization which provides training and support to adults with intellectual disabilities. Coco helps us learn to care for horses. They groom, feed and care for Coco and there is no better teacher and friend to us. She is gentle, patient, kind and so forgiving and we love her all the more for it. She has become part of our wonderful family. In this difficult time in which we live, she has become a light, a respite from all the troubles we face. We all turn to Coco. She nuzzles against us as if to say “it’s ok, I am here, we will get through this together!”

Sadly Coco has developed a condition called Nuchal Bursitis. This occurs when nuchal ligament (located near the horse’s poll) bursae become inflamed and sometimes infected. It causes pain. The best treatment is surgery. Coco is in pain. Because Coco is in pain, we are in pain; because Coco is not just a horse to us, she IS us. She is our family, our friend and to our individuals, she is a bright shining light.

As with so many, the financial strain is immense and so we are asking for your help; Coco needs it, we need it. Pulling together, offering what we can together, we can relieve the pain of our wonderful friend. And in this time we can bring such joy, happiness and most importantly hope, that yes, there is still goodness out there. I promise, there really is light in this world, and her name is Coco. Please help us let that light shine for our individuals, those who need that light most. From our hearts, thank you so much for your help. We are truly grateful.

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Fiscal Year Calender 2020 -2021

 Handicapped accessible planting boxes at Cottage Gardens!


Seabird Enterprises is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization dedicated to providing vocational and day programs for individuals with developmental disabilities in eastern Connecticut.  Seabird strives to offer a diversity of programs including food service locations, greenhouses & woodshop/craft programs, a therapeutic riding program, mobile landscaping and building maintenance crews.  Seabird also supports individuals who are independently employed in the community at local businesses such as grocery stores, garages, retail and food service establishments.  Seabird has four locations open Monday through Friday.

Programs include Cottage Gardens in Colchester, Puffins Restaurant in Groton, Riverview Farm in Uncasville and The Victorian House & Village Bakery in Plainfield.

To keep up with the greater Disability Community at large, please see http://www.ct.gov/dors, http://www.ct.gov/dds/site/default.asp and https://www.disabilityscoop.com/.







Breakfast and Lunch
Hours: 8am-1:30pm M-F

169 Thames Street
Groton, CT

Arnaldo Ingles: (860) 446-9348

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Breakfast and Lunch
Hours: 7am-2pm M-F

460 New London Road
Colchester, CT

Tonya Jankowski - Bakery: (860) 537-0074

Alicia Schiro: (860) 537-3558

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Breakfast and Lunch
Hours: 7am-1:30pm M-F

137/159 Norwich Road
Plainfield, CT
Bakery Contact: Melissa Lavoie
(860) 230-9935
Restaurant Contact: Laura Palmisano (860) 564-2505

129 Massapeag Side Road

Uncasville, CT 06382


Josh Miller: (860) 848-2542



 Jesus Gonzalez: (860) 449-3094

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John Lavoie: (860) 857-2685

Jason Rivers: (860) 449-3585 

“Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see”

Mark Twain


Get in touch with Seabird Enterprises to learn more about our work and find out how to donate. We appreciate your support!



    Main Office:

    169 Thames Street

    Groton, CT 06340

    (860) 446-0882